Welcome to Penny's

Penny came before Bou and was our dog until she departed in January 98. She was Valerie's dog for more than thirtheen years and it was a very tough time when she died. She was a beautiful Chihuahua-Terrier that loved walks, car rides and watching TV. We could not have asked for a better friend.

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Penny's idea of trimming the Christmas tree. She is either planning how the city is being built like a civil engineer, or she is practicing her new role as Godzilla.
The Ladies of the house, engaged in their favourite past-time. Naps and sun beams are a good combination!
Here, Penny is warming up the bed for the visitors about to arrive. She is a very dedicated dog that sacrifices her precious time for the betterment of humanity.
These are the sisters! Penny introduces Shadow to the virtue of guarding the house. Shadow is not used to "Life in the Big City" since she lives in the country. In this picture, both of them are VERY busy.

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