Here is a picture of Bou, a little, full of energy, Sheltie-Terrier mix. He was born on November 14th, 1997 and weighs about 16 lb. He has long legs for his weight, so he likes jumping and running. He jumps pretty high and he runs VERY fast. We often call him Mr Merang (Bou Merang). Here, he looks like an angel, but do not fall for his charms.

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Here, Bou is disturbed while having a nap in the grass. You can see that he has RADAR-like ears and likes to be fashionable by keeping one up and one down.
Did you know?
JP and Val fall in the category of crazy people that impersonate their dog's voice. However, Bou does not always agrees with what "he says".
Here, Bou is in its favourite position: sitting on Val. He is very affectionate and would love to be in someone's arms all the time.
Bou is playing with his "Kong" toy. We like to put treats in it. The Kong used to keep him busy, but now he's got a trick: he throws it down the staircase and collects the treats on the way down.
- Bou's crate is called a Boudoir

- Because Bou can can answer yes/no questions (such as do you want to go out?), we refer to his thinking as Bou-lean logic.

- When Bou runs really fast, he looks like a rocket Bou-ster.

We got Bou when he was 6 months old, and at that time he was not yet house trained. It took quite a bit of effort and intensive training. In this picture, you can see him at Bou Camp :-)
This is on a camping trip. JP is trying to teach Bou how to build a camp fire.
One of our friend visited this web page dedicated to Bou. His comment was: "It is very Bou-tiful."
This is on a canoe-camping trip, after a long day. Bou is reflecting on the art of squirrel chasing.
Hey! That's my bone!


Here is a picture of Mouse, another small dogs (16 lb). She is a miniature American Eskimo, also known as a miniature Spitz. She was born on March 4th, 1998, all white, fluffy and character. When running for the ball, she gets there after Bou. But when she makes it, it's her ball... Bou and Mouse are great friends and spend most of their days running around the house.

Mouse joined our family when she was a bit more than a year old. We decided that Bou needed a companion, and Mouse was looking for a new home around the same time. Since, there has been no looking back. Bou and Mouse bring joy to our home all the time.

The following pictures offer a larger version by clicking the thumbnail.

Here, Mouse is coming out from under a pile of linen. She loves laundry day: you never know how far dirty clothes travel.
Often, when we try to call both dogs, it comes out as "Mou and Bouse".
With one black and one white, it's a real challenge to have a picture where you see both dogs perfectly. Here are brother and sister.
In this picture, both of them are in action! Fetching the ball or the frisbee is one of their favourite past-time.
These pictures show both of our dogs enjoying their bath. They're so funny looking that I had to put these pictures up.

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