Friends of Bou and Mouse

Below are a number of thumbnails. Click on the image to see a full size version of the picture. Enjoy!

Sam lives in Montreal and likes to have Bou down for a visit. Sam is a Tibetan Terrier, but most of the times he thinks he is a Tibetan monk.
This is another picture of Sam. Here, he thinks he is king. (You can hear Sam's answer: "Well, I AM the King!")
Zoe is Sam's little sister but she is a Lassa (go figure) She is very active and she loves to run after Bou. Bou loves being chased by Zoe and he always demands for more. (This is a little known secret, but Bou is in love with Zoe) In this picture, she enjoys a stolen sock.
Minou is Bou's pet-in-law. Although they do not always see eye to eye, they remain family. Family reunions are always a good time to "find" each other.
Max is another pet-in-law that lives in Victoria. Max loves kids. In this picture, he also seems to appreciate kids' clothing...
Gucci is a young dog from Montreal. She still confuses what should be done outside and what is permisible on the carpet! This is a picture of her in a rare state: calm. She's a beautiful pup.

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